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walking gets too boring
when you learn how to fly

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"i'm monica.", 22.8 miles, accents, acting, adam brody, adrian ivashkov, anna gavalda, art, asl, audrey hepburn, ballet, bazinga!, beverly hills 90210, big bang theory, bones, books, books books books, british accents, buffy the vampire slayer, cary grant, castle, charlotte brontë, cheez-its, chinese food, chocolate, christmas, christmas movies, christmas-music-all-year-long, classical music, community, creative non-fiction, creativity, csi, csi: ny, céline dion, dance, david boreanaz, david duchovny, dirty dancing, dorothy parker, driving-with-the-windows-down, ella fitzgerald, english, eyesex, fanfiction, feminism, france, frank sinatra, frasier, french cinema, french fries, friends, friends marathons, gillian anderson, gilmore girls, glee, google, gossip girl, guillaume canet, han solo, harry potter, hart of dixie, hayley westenra, heathcliff, high heels, house m.d., how i met your mother, hugh laurie, ian somerhalder, icons, inception, inside jokes, interpreting, james marsters, jane austen, johnny depp, josh groban, joshua jackson, joss whedon, julia quinn, julia roberts, kate beckett, katharine hepburn,, laughing, libraries, lisa cuddy, lisa edelstein, lisa kleypas, making lists, margaret atwood, marion cotillard, matthew perry, maxxie oliver, men-with-quizzical-brows, mia michaels, michael bublé, milo ventimiglia, missy higgins, movies, music, musicals, neil patrick harris, new york, non-guilty pleasures, old movies, oxford commas, pacey witter, paradoxical eating habits, phantom of the opera, photoshop, pizza, poptarts, pretty little liars, pride and prejudice, quotes, rain, ranger, reading, reading is sexy, richard siken, sandra bullock, sarcasm, sawyer's glasses, shakespeare, sharpies, singing, skins, spam, stana katic, star wars, staying-up-all-night-reading, stephanie/ranger, streets ahead, sweet tea, the big bang theory, the smell of rain, the x-files, theatre, thunder storms, trivia, ust, veronica mars, vladimir nabokov, william shakespeare, writing, édith piaf
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